The American Londoner

That’s me, in America

I was born in the USA, New Jersey to be exact, though I’m more a Pennsylvanian at heart at this point.

I started this blog to get myself writing again after years of not doing so, to act as a kind of growing, living portfolio. Travel and expat blogs are a dime a dozen now, but enjoyable, well-written ones that have something to say are still a find. In these two latter elements, I endeavo(u)r to make The American Londoner something worth stumbling upon. I publish every Monday and once in a while on Saturday if I find a worthy enough soapbox on which to stand and muse.


I’ve lived, learned, and taught in London for the last nine years. I reckon that makes me as much of a Londoner as anyone here. There are all kinds of Londoners.


4 responses

  1. Always glad to come across London related blogs… and as someone who spends my time mostly between London and LA I will enjoy keeping an eye on yours.

    1. Why thank you very much and likewise. I’ve been very much digging your blog.

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog today. Your blog is VERY impressive! I look forward to reading your posts and will continue watching your tweets.

    1. Oh, thanks. Much appreciated. And likewise. Your blog rocks.

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